You’re Brave Too

There is this trend among the twitter-sphere of creating really amazing 140 character thoughts about living life to its fullest. About how if something you’re doing isn’t scary then it’s not brave or valuable. If you hate your job, then you AREN’T LIVING. FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS, every single human.

I like the thought that there’s something better than the 9-5. If I walked out of my job today it would be scary, but it would, quite honestly, only affect me.

Well…me and my parents, when I would inevitably have to move back in with them. Hashtag YOLO.

Point is, if I had some big dream, I could easily attempt to follow it.

The 140 character sentences encourage so many to get up and fight, to leave jobs, and pursue dreams. Many of the people who heed the advice will have their lives changed for the better and THAT’S fantastic.

But there are so many more people who get up and go to their jobs each day- jobs they don’t love, because that’s what the next thing to do is. Because that’s what bravery looks like for them.

My parents felt very strongly about putting my brother and me in a private, Christian school. This isn’t the way everyone needs to go, but for them it was incredibly important. So they got up each day and worked. They BOTH worked 40-60 hours a week. There was always just enough money. Rarely more than enough. They came to our sporting events when they could, and we were fine with it. They always seemed to be there for the ones that really mattered. They did what worked for their family.

The people that take giant leaps of faith are brave, but so are the ones who work countless hours for their families.  The men and women who don’t leave their 9-5 job even though they want to. They don’t leave because the bravest thing they can do that day is to stay.

It is ok to be THAT person. It’s OK NOT to walk out of your job today with a big ol’ middle finger to the boss. Your work and your life is still so, so important. It’s also OK to be the person who takes the leap of faith.

If it’s not scary, that doesn’t mean you aren’t living. Nor does scary always mean it’s what you should be doing.

You are not required to fail between 1 and 53 times to make the work you do matter. Surprisingly, you don’t even have to fail once for it to be meaningful.

Taking the leap of faith is brave, but so is working a job that you don’t love with every fiber of your being. Supporting your family is brave. The way you choose to do this is up to you.

The world needs the dreamers and the adventurers, but it also needs the people who stay. The ones that keep our systems running, so the dreamers have the opportunity to even try. We are all just trying to figure out this thing called life. Do what works for you and your family.  That’s brave.

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