Observations with Cindy

You know how sometimes married people lose that loving feeling? I know where they find it again.

They find it at weddings.

Maybe just for a moment, but they find it nonetheless.

It typically starts at the actual ceremony. You see the couples steal loving glances at each other during the vows.  I assume they’re gazing at one another thinking “I just love love so much!” or maybe “I remember when I just loved love so much.”

Then there’s the reception. One minute everyone’s having a good time, chatting and singing along to a catchy song. It’s an all play.  The next minute you turn to say something to your friend, but can’t because she’s GAZING LOVINGLY at her husband.  A quick glance around the room tells you that it’s happening.

Love. It’s in the air.

Couples probably don’t notice it, since they’re the source of it. But I see it.

No…I FEEL it.

So I sip my Baptist wedding tea, or we-knew-you’d-need-something-stronger-wedding wine, take a picture of the centerpiece, and pray to God the Cha Cha slide starts playing immediately.

I mean, it’s a PROVEN FACT that the Cha Cha slide is the only thing that can snap everyone out of this moment.

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