Iceland 2016: Day 1

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Iceland 2016 Day 1
Our plan was to arrive at 6:00 AM Monday morning, grab breakfast, check in to our AirBnB, check out the city we were staying in (Harfnajour), then head to the Blue Lagoon.

Because we were delayed 6 hours, we ended up just checking in and heading to the Blue Lagoon. We chose that for our first day, as it’s relaxing. Knowing we would be flying overnight, and have a 4 hour time change, we wanted something easy the first day.

It was a great decision. We bought the Comfort package which gets you towel usage, one free drink at the swim up bar, and Lagoon usage. We stayed for almost 3 hours, and it was amazing.

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Blue Lagoon tip: Hold on to your towel. Perhaps, keep it in your locker, while in the Lagoon. All the towels look the same, so some of us had our towels taken, or used. They’ll trade them out for dry ones though. I also brought my own flip flops.

That night we grabbed pizza for dinner in our city, and headed toward Reykjavik in search of the Northern Lights. We found a place the Internet had said was a good spot. With it being rainy, and cloudy the entire week we had VERY little chance of seeing the Lights. [Spoiler Alert: We didn’t see the lights during our trip. But, the search for them gave us some adventures, especially on our last night there.]

After that, it was back to the apartment to sleep for the first time in a whole lot of hours.

– General Overview – Day 1 – Day 2 – Day 3 & 4 –

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