Friday Night

Last night I stopped to pick up a movie at Redbox on the way to my friends house. The following is the ridiculousness that transpired between me and the guy who decided he was going to hang out at Redbox on a Friday night. The conversation started with him noticing my Liberty University shirt.

Him: Hey, are you a Christian? 

Me: Yep. (I begin looking through movies while texting my friends to see which one they want)

Guy dramatically throws his cigarette on the ground and yells “I’ll give this up right now for that!” I’m startled, but slightly humored.

Him: You got a boyfriend? A boyfriend who loves God a lot? You don’t have a ring, so you’re not married. 

Me: Nope, no boyfriend.

Him: Oh, so you just staying single, trying to be a good Christian? 

Me: I’m just real busy…Soooo, are you hanging out at 7-Eleven looking for women?

Him: I went to Walmart first but no ladies wanted to talk about the Word. You’re the best I’ve seen all night. Just what I was looking for.

At this point I look up and he’s still looking at my sweatshirt. He panics “I’m not looking at your…you know…I’m reading your sweatshirt…I’m looking at you like a Christian sister…I wouldn’t look at you’re…like that…” 

Me: (Enjoying his discomfort probably a little too much) Yah…I didn’t think you were.

Him: So you interested in studying sometime? 

Me: Studying what?

Him: You know, studying the Word. No ladies seem to want to study the Word, but I bet you would. 

I grab my movie, tell him “Good luck” and hit the road.

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