Dear Me…Us…We?

Dear 19 year old Cindy,

You like people a lot. And you like night-time sleeping very little. This means you are up all hours of the night NOT STUDYING, but talking to all of the people in your dorm. This also means you sleep for hours during the day. At 31 years old you will still not have figured out how to sleep at night, and you will always be tired during the day. Still worth it.

As for liking people, and wanting to help them. This will cause you to choose Psychology as your major. The day you receive your diploma you’re going to realize you don’t actually want to go into counseling. Today Cindy is here to say CHOOSE SOMETHING THAT WILL MAKE MONEY. You like computers. You’re good with them. Go that route. Learn something that will always be useful.

Thirty-One year old Cindy is very happy but she would have a lot more money if you would CHANGE YOUR FREAKING MAJOR.

I know there are a million dudes at your college. You are not going to get with them. Maybe because you spend all your daylight hours sleeping and watching Friends and Homestar Runner.

Also because Fear of Talking to Dudes + You = SINGLE FOR LIFE…or at least that seems like the formula? I’m still not great at math. ANYWAYS, 31 year old Cindy still has not found “the one”, so we will ALL HAVE TO WAIT and read that letter in a few years.

Would you like some more advice? Awesome.

1. Break some rules. Seriously. Not the big ones, because KNOW THYSELF. But, take some risks. Around your 30th birthday, you’re going to realize you’ve missed your window of opportunity for making bad choices. Past college, people’s level of grace for poor decision making decreases greatly. Also, you have the good fortune of being 19 pre “Everything Goes Viral”. You’ll understand that one circa 2004.

2. In a couple years you’re going to realize the world is full of some kind of crappy people who do kind of crappy things, sometimes in the name of Jesus. You are officially an adult, 19 year old Cindy. And while you still have a lot to learn, you aren’t dumb. You get to stand up for yourself and for others. When your challenging the way things are at your school/job is a threat to men who would prefer you not rock the boat, don’t back down. You’re not wrong. It is entirely possible for their systems to be flawed.

Lasatly, be kind to people. Don’t be a jerk, even when it’s the easy thing to do.


31 year old you

P.S.- People are going to try and make you walk at your college graduation. They’re going to tell you that you’ll regret it if you don’t. Spoiler alert: You aren’t going to regret it.

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