Choose Your Hill Wisely

To those within the church, who speak with disgust about “the gays”. Those using hate filled words fueled by your love of God, or the Bible, or maybe just your need to be right.

This thing you see as the “biggest problem facing the church EVER IN THE HISTORY OF HUMANITY”? It’s in your church. I promise. I believe that if we really understood and accepted this fact, it would drastically change the conversation we are having around this topic.

When we stand on our pedestals (I’m looking at you Facebook memes), and speak hatefully about this topic, we silence people within our church. We make church and God unsafe.

I’m not debating whether homosexuality is right or wrong. You’re allowed to believe what you want to believe about that. Because, FREEDOM OF ALL THE THINGS.

But, choose wisely the hill you’re willing to die on.

Are you willing to allow your hateful words to run people out of the church? I believe God is going to hold us accountable for that. I mean, there’s a chance that those words make Him just as sad as you believe being gay makes him.

I mean….maybe…I don’t know…moving on.

Are you willing to continue heaping shame on people, some of whom may be your closest friends, without even realizing it?

Let’s work on making the church a safe place for people to ask questions, and wrestle with things. A place where people can come to conclusions that are different from yours, without being shamed for it.

Before you post or say certain things, consider the fact that your words are not “loving”, but homophobic.

Side note: Every time you say “I have gay friends, BUT…” and proceed to speak hatefully about the entire population of people, an angel loses its wings. Or something like that. No one is fooled. If those are words you use to preface hatred, I’m willing to bet these friends are not so inclined to call you the same.

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